About Me

For me, my wedding day was the best day of my life (bumped to a close second the day my daughter was born). I was lucky enough to have two weddings - a commitment ceremony on the beach in Bali and a legal ceremony on the water (literally on the water - our legal ceremony took place on stand-up paddle boards) when we returned home to the Gold Coast.

Bali wedding
Gold Coast celebrant

I have had a microphone in my hand my whole life; from singing on Johnny Young Talent Time on national television as a young child, presenting as an MC on a boat cruise for many years and training new recruits in my former role in the airlines.

Despite attending many weddings of family and friends over the years, I never got asked to be a groomsmen because they always had me penned for the role of MC.

I love weddings and the joy that they bring everyone involved and that is what led me to becoming a marriage celebrant.

I am happiest when interacting with people so I look forward to any opportunity to chat with you about your big day and hopefully help you create fond memories of your wedding like I have of mine.

Beach wedding